Definitely an attention catcher!

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This excerpt is definitely catching and makes me want to get this book now and read right away. I like how the excerpt even has a twist in it as well. I thought that Sean was one of the students who went into the Catacombs and then the twist at the end of the excerpt shows that Sean is looking for the girl he loves while she is lost. Having a thriller book that catches my attention right away in the excerpt is definitely what I like to read and have more books like this around. There are not many books that is such an attention grabber as this one is. I also like how the plot is focused in a foreign country because their laws and police procedures are definitely different from the United States. They tend to go about searching and taking steps in a different manner, especially when a foreigner who is visiting is involved. So I hope to read things about their policies in this book. I can’t wait to read this book.