Absolutely sucked me in!

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The concept of the book was what pulled me in. Picking it up and turning the pages, that is what made me lose sense of time.
The main characters are in France and for a variety of reasons, four young students find themselves beneath the surface... in the twisting turning catacombs.
I really loved how relatable the characters were in this book. It truly reminded me of high school friendhsips and how complicated they can be. I felt so connected that when certain events occured my heart raced and i turned pages faster and faster, needing to lnow the outcome.
I literally devoured this book in the span of two hours. The beginning is a little slow but the middle slams you in and it goes quickly from there. I will say, the seftions from Sean's point of view were not as interesting and I think it's simply due to the fact that he was not the one lost beneath.
This is captivating, edge of your seat, heart racing thriller. Must read for anyone looking for a great read with releatable characters and great plot.