A nerve wracking read!

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This was a nerve wracking and claustrophobia inducing read.

Ruby’s on a school trip to Paris and within hours of arriving her friend Val sneaks out to go to a party. A catacomb party. Ruby goes after her to stop Val but the promise of an adventure in the forbidden underground is too great for Ruby, a budding travel vlogger to pass up. Soon Ruby, Val and two other girls from school are lost in the catacombs with limited food and water, no service and no map. I’ve seen it described as a “propulsive story” and that is the perfect description, it was fast moving, I couldn’t put it down. I had no choice but to keep reading and moving forward like Ruby and the others had no choice but to move forward through the dark cramped passages of the Catacombs.

This book had my heart rate up. I was biting my nails. I was crying. I was nervous, scared, sad, hopeful. I was at the edge of my seat wondering what could possibly happen next! Did I mention I CRIED? Like sobs.

It was also fascinating and I wonder what research the author did on the catacombs. I never want to set foot down there but I am truly intrigued and want to learn more. I’ve been looking at photos and videos. I really was able to imagine these dark, tight passageways with skulls and bones as I read.