The Perfect YA Thriller

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A simply delightful read. I was promised "The Parent Trap" meeting "Friday the Thirteenth," and it was everything I expected and more. While it still had gore and the typical slash deaths, the plot was truly the stand out in this book. There were twists. There was a motive I was not anticipating (gotta love when there is a real motive behind the killings, and not just "bad guy likes killing because psychopathy"). There was a slasher (well, archer) who seemed virtually indestructible but was still human. The epilogue had even more in store. There was romance, the best sort of love quadrilateral. What wasn't there: any disappointments. This was the palette cleanser I needed.

I ended up telling my best friend about this book through a long series of voice memos, so I gave her my ARC after I read it. She is loving it too :)
Thank you to BookishFirst for a copy! I was ecstatic to win the giveaway!