I loved it

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This book is incredible. I honestly don’t know how to begin to praise how amazing the book is. I was already intrigued by the blurb and the first pages. But to be able to read the hole story was amazing.
The characters are well written, easy to love and connect the reader to the story. The need for answers hooks you from page one. The plot is interesting and keeps you intrigued and interested. The dynamic among both sisters is incredibly well done. How other characters and themselves react to the situation makes it even more fun to read. The pace is perfect for the plot.
The dual narration among sisters makes the book more interesting. The same happens with the timelines and how details are revealed little by little. As a hole each different narrator adds a unique perspective to the story. And this makes it even more memorable. It’s a book that you could easily read in a day. It’s intriguing, fun and easy to fall in love with.