A Camp Fire Tale Thriller

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When a father, son, and another girl are found murdered at Camp Lost Lake one dark night, the small town is shaken. The remote summer camp shutters its doors, and becomes the focal point of a local myth. That is, until Olivia catches wind that her sister is renovating and reopening the camp. Olivia sees an opportunity to finally get some answers.

Camp Lost Lake has always loomed large in Olivia's mind, her birth evidenced in the police report from that night. She never had much reason to question it, until a school project forced her to explore her family history, launching her into a spiral at the discovery that her dad is not her biological father.

Around the same time, Regan’s life is turned upside down by a podcast that names her mother as the number one suspected in the murders. Regean refuses to believe that her mother, the women who loves her dearly, could be capable of such a thing. Driven by a daughter's love and loyalty, Regan heads to the cursed camp herself to clear her mothers name.

As the two teens explore the tragic history of Lost Lake, their separate quests uncover unsettling connections between their families and the victims. Plenty of characters seem suspicious as motives emerge.

The girls follow trails of clues, tracking false leads and joining forces with mysterious allies. Danger and plot twists await them at every turn. Of course there's some romance too, because what's a mystery without a little flirtation? The charming best friend of Regan sends Olivia into a tailspin.

But at its core, this remains a twisting and turning thriller that will keep readers guessing. A fast paced, heart thumping thriller, with a shocking end. For those who love true crime stories with a fictional spin, pick up a copy of Two Sides to Every Murder. I'm telling you, the bizarre twists in this book will haunt you long after the final chapter.