Practically Perfect

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“Twice as Perfect” by Louisa Onomé is a moving and thoughtful exploration of complex family dynamics — from estranged siblings, to parents with high expectations, to cousins about to get married and embark on a new family of their own. I really enjoyed seventeen-year old Adanna’s voice and perspective. Both funny and aware to nuances, Adanna’s voice was charming and kept me engrossed in the story from beginning to end. I loved the central theme of balancing yourself and your happiness against family expectations, respect, and harmony. Ada clearly loves and respects her family throughout the entirety of the story — this is more a story of her learning to put herself and her needs first, and learning that that choice doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still value and respect her family. This is a lovely coming of age story that thoughtfully pulls at complex family dynamics and expectations and the role they play in our lives.