Nigerian Canadian life.

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I was curious about this book because it is a book about Nigerian Canadian life, with which I am unfamiliar, so this book offers different perspectives that are new to me.

I liked the humor and strong personality of Auntie Funmi. She brings extra liveliness to the scene, which is already vivid and interesting like the strongly patterned African cloths that the characters work with when sewing.

Our gossipy and snarky young people have amusing and witty exchanges and you can easily picture yourself being among their milieu.

Besides bringing Africa into the mix, there is also the Canadian setting. I'm not familiar with Toronto and I've barely been to Canada at all, so as an American the northern part of North America is pretty exotic in its own way.

The humor of our protagonists and their status as immigrants helps to show the oddness and weirdness of the United States' neighbor to the north.