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As a fan of Like Home, I was excited for Twice as Perfect. One of the most meaningful elements of this book has to be the ways in which Ada navigates her feelings having to be twice as perfect. Not only in the ways in which BIPOC teens aren’t given second chances and the ways in which they almost have to be perfect examples. But also in how with her brother out of the picture – for some unknown reason – she has to be twice as perfect. The golden child carrying the burdens of two.

The ways she articulates the pressure of her parents on her shoulders? Heart wrenching. It’s about feeling like our parents have sacrificed for us – and they have – all for our chances and our future. But what happens when we want to deviate? When we might not be as perfect as they want? Not to mention the unresolved sibling tension and drama! Where is Sam and what happened to him? While the sibling complexities was one of my favorite elements, I felt like its conclusion was kind of hasty and I would have liked to see more resolution.