Family Pressure

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*Thank you to BookishFirst and Macmillan for this copy of Twice as Perfect by Louisa Onome in exchange for an honest review.* This book was very intense there was a lot going on. At its core it is a coming of age story about a young woman Sophie AKA Ada who was drowning under the weight of her family’s expectations. Wow! her family was a lot. They aren’t your typical family. They immigrated to Toronto Canada from Nigeria. They are a proud, close knit family but very strict and in my opinion very judgmental.

Especially Ada’s dad my God! No wonder she modeled herself to be perfect pun intended. He had mapped out her entire life. She was going to be a successful lawyer. Ada though is not really sure of what she wants except not to disappoint her family. Especially with her Cousin’s wedding coming up. She was going to be marrying one of Nigeria’s biggest pop-stars. It was to be a large glitzy event. Ada though is being pulled in million different directions. She

She is conflicted about her growing feelings for a close friend. When a mundane class assignment leads her to a stranger that is very close to home. That would lead her down a completely unexpected path. That would uncover a scandalous family secret.