This is good.

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This was unexpectedly interesting, I actually really liked it and I thought it was super interesting. I was not expecting to win this in a giveaway, and I was so surprised when I did but now I’m super happy because I genuinely enjoyed this. I’m not black so there was definitely a lot of parts that didn’t exactly apply to me, but I am a person of color and there is a lot of good points that are being made in this book.

The way race and everything was handled was great. It was super insightful, especially if you want to be like a entrepreneur. This is especially great if you are black, but it’s a good read even if you’re not. There’s sooo many good tips in this book. It was so eye opening, and the way it’s written is genuinely great.

Most of this book was I think definitely written for like specifically black entrepreneurs, employees, business owners, any type of business really. This book wasn't written for me, but it still had relatively good tips and things that applied since I’m still a person a color. More books like this need be published, and I think this was just so great!