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i'm super glad that i had a chance to read Twice As Hard by Raphael Sofoluke and Opeyemi Sofoluke, because it contained so many meaningful, amazing, and truly thought-provoking insights! it was marvelously written, and i love the way that all the different, amazing tidbits (drawn from what the authors learned from the 40 successful business people that they talked to) were woven in. also, for a book that was jam-packed with so much information, it was divided into 9 succint chapters that had me flipping the pages so very quickly! lately, i have really been trying to get myself to read new genres (especially more nonfiction books), and now that i have read Twice As Hard, i can also happily recommend it to anyone who is in need of a great nonfiction book recommendation! i am not sure if the authors are planning to write another book, but if they do, i will definitely be interested in reading it!