A real eye opener

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Even though I was not the targeted audience fir this book, it was still an eye opener and insightful. Some parts of the book I have heard of as issues before but others were new to me and just made me shake my head at the ridiculous unfairness of it all. I liked that this book included quotes and insights from successful people through out each chapter. It kept the book more personal feeling. The last two chapters were more towards my level: Ally- it’s a doing word and Pearls of Wisdom. This book touched on multiple topics and offered some tips or solutions for them. This book is good for anyone of color but even white people benefit from it. In order to do better, you need to know better. This book was informative and a little sad to know what ALL is different and for no good reason. For example, being judged on having your natural hair or being told “you don’t talk black” or something similar. I haven’t experienced those and it makes me angry for those that have to go through it.

Some examples from the book I found interesting include:

A campaign in UK showcased 56 successful black men in hoodies aimed at the “dangerous” stereotypes people have towards a black man in a hoodie. An example in the US would be the murder of Trayvon Martin.

In Navigating White Spaces: Tolu wrote her given traditional African name on applications and received no callbacks. She changed her name to Tallulah and received multiple callbacks from some of the same companies.

“Because when you’re the best, they have no choice but to notice you.”

“Talent is equally distributed; opportunity is not.”