True to the Experience

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Overall, I think that this book was solid debut.

The micro-aggressions and flat-out racism out main character faces as a Black teen transferring to a white prep school were very well portrayed in this book. On top of showing us how he balances family life and former friends from the karate dojo--I think story does a really great job at portraying the (Black) teen experience.

Not to harp on the racism and bullying, but it was definitely intense at times (but realistic). Hopefully teens who read this book can take away that these situations are happening to Black teens across the country, and there are ways to take a stand against racist bullying without hurting someone in the process.

The depiction of romantic mishaps and the life lesson of not be so self-oriented were also interesting to read about. It really was a coming of age story that I think many teen readers can relate to.