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The book cover is telling me that a young African American, himself alone, has to “fight” the wars that are surrounding him – the relationship between him and his father, his family, his best friends, and especially the prestigious entirely-white Augustin Prep!

Being an African American, the seventeen-year-old Gilbert Powell has his share of facing and dealing with law enforcement. He imagines that by attending Augustin Prep, and participating in its robotics program, he would have a greater chance to pursue a better future for himself and his family.

However, Gil later learns that the true vision and direction of Augustin Prep seems to contradict its claims! The actual situation truly presents him with a great predicament for him to thrive in this prep school. Thus, he adapts the tactics and strategies written in SunTzu: The Art Of War, to fight these frustrating physical and mental challenges!

I truly admire Don P. Hooper who uses his mighty talent and intelligent to present this powerful and compelling TRUE TRUE about the external and internal emotional fights within an African American teenager!