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I always feel bad about listing a book that I just couldn't finish. I read the first 106 pages of True True before I decided not to finish it.
I found Gil a likeable character but the story was so slow moving I could not get into and didn't find myself caring about Gil or his story.
I had high hopes for True True and am going to share it with a friend who may enjoy it.
I did like the friendships he had with his two friends Rej and Stretch. I found the joking nature between all three to be funny to read. I also enjoyed the settings and atmosphere of Carnival, the bodega and his Grandma.
I think part of the reason I couldn't find myself falling into this story was not being able to relate to the language. That's completely on me but it was so distracting to me that I couldn't figure out what some of the dialogue meant.
I did like the title and did skip to read the last page.