Great coming of age story

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This book is an example of building your own seat at the table. I have seen the lip service to diversity irl life and it should be in our stories as well. Unfortunately we are living in a time where books that point out these inequalities are attacked an banned from getting into the hands of students that need to here these stories.

Gil uses the Sun Tzu's The Art of War to guide him in taking on racism at his school. When he first started going to Augustin Prep the popular kid started a fight over him being black on the first day and the school decided to punish Gil who is there on scholarship for the robotics program. Gil organizes with the other black students who have also been treated unequally. His involvement in school politics gets overwhelming for him and he has to decide what his priorities are...his family, his new relationship with a girl? Very good coming of age story <3<3<3