great book about racism, socioeconomic, and life

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CJ is a smart boy from Brooklyn with Jamaican roots. He has been accepted to go to a private school called Augustin Prep, where he can really shine in robotics. Within the first week at his new school, CJ gets into a physical fight and is put on probation.

He feels disappointed and feels like he is disappointing his mom, dad, grandma, and friends. CJ struggles to find his place in this school as it is predominantly white with very few POC. The dean doesn’t even listen to his side of the story after the physical fight. CJ is trying to figure out who he can and can’t trust at this school. He also is struggling at home with trying to keep up with his close friends.

How does CJ deal with racism at his new school? How does he get across to people that he was mistreated ar school? How does he balance school life and personal life?

I enjoyed reading CJ’s journey, but it is not a light book. This book is pretty strong and will give you a better sense in racism and what POC have to deal with, especially when you are in a different socioeconomic status. Even though you can clearly see that CJ is struggling and feels alone, it’s really nice to see that he always has his grandma’s love and support.