Good YA Story

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I loved this story, and getting to know Gil and his family and friends!
While there are heartwarming moments in Gil's relationships, there is also stress revolving around racism, immigration, and bullying, so be aware of these themes going into this book.

The story had pretty good pacing and plotting. I was itching to see what happened next with each dilemma and decision that was made. I also loved the use of language in the book. The slang and the use of Patois made the book feel more immersive and true to life. I know sometimes slang can be too much in some reads, but it didn't feel overused or cringey in this book.

I think a lot of teens will find themselves in True True. I wish I'd read it while I was still in high school myself. The themes are well developed and could lead to readers examining their own biases or reactions. (Though as an adult there was definitely a bit of me begging Gil to talk to his parents! But I remember being that age and just trying to fix things myself too.) Definitely recommend!