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"...everywhere make it abundantly clear the colonizers have returned." *

This was good! I liked the characters, especially Gil, and the overall progression of the story. Gil was a breath of fresh air. He knows exactly who he is and what he wants to do with his life, and he removes himself from the comfort of his last year at high school with friends in order to attend a prep school to better prepare for college.The author did an incredible job rooting Gil in his community and then dropping him into Augusten Prep like a fish out of water. Hooper's writing in general was really good.

There were elements I liked less; I didn't really care for Gil having interest in two different girls, and the entire romantic element of the story wasn't compelling for me. Also the bully being an untouchable racist football star who has it out for Gil by day two felt cliched. He's not the focus of the story though.

*quote from ARC