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The story follows seventeen-year-old Gil after he begins his senior year at Augustin Prep, an exclusive private school that is mostly white. He never imagined this would be where he is, it is completely different than his Caribbean neighborhood in Brooklyn. He has a racist run-in with the school's star quarterback on the first day and that ends in a fight that leaves only Gil suspended. Not good when you are on a partial scholarship. He comes to understand that while Augustin claims diversity it is not a place that really accepts him and the other Black students as equals. He sets his sights on leaving his mark on Augustin. Gil uses Sun Tzu’s The Art of War as his guide and begins to make his voice and the voices of the other Black students be heard. This does come at a price. He struggles to balance family life with his mission and a romance with a girl he’d fallen for hangs in the balance. I loved the themes of family and fighting back and empowerment. The characters were believable and strong. Gil is a great main character. I look forward to reading more by this author.