Witchy MG - Totally Psychic

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I think young readers will enjoy this book, but it wasn't as captivating to me - an adult reader. It follows a young medium who has powers that allow her to see and speak with ghosts. She comes from a large family with psychic abilities including a famous grandmother she wishes to impress. The main character, Paloma, is sad because she has to move from Miami to California and this is a story about her adjustment to such a life change, which I think a lot of kids will relate to. Paloma makes a lot of mistakes which again I think will be very relatable to young readers. The elements of ghosts in this book aren't scary and would be a fun Halloween pick for young readers who aren't fans of the scary or spookier reads. It covers friendship, family, and themes of acceptance. Everything happened a little too predictably for my personal tastes and was solved in a HEA way.