Totally Lacking Spirit

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While this middle grade novel does have many good qualities, it lacks any sort of spirit.

Paloma is a psychic and can communicate with spirits. Her family moves across the country for her mother to escape family fame and notoriety. Paloma wants to prove herself to her grandmother and hosts readings at her school against her mother's wishes. Some chaos occurs and spirits start flooding all around her.

I like the concept and idea of this story but all the characters are so flat and dull and just generic. Even though this is written for young readers, it doesn't have to be so simplistic. There were so many complexities about family, friendships, jealousy, pressure and even death that could have been addressed and explored in this novel. Instead it was one note the whole way through and didn't make me feel anything. I wasn't ever worried, sympathetic, or joyous with our characters.

Hopefully this will reach the right readers but it wasn't for me.