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Thank you Bookishfirst for allowing me to win a copy of Totally Psychic by Brigid Martin and I must say, how much I loved this book. Yes it is very much a young readers book and I know I am happy to put this in my daughter's book collection. She does grab the book from time to time and have me read it to her. She loves the cover and she does try copying the words from me and even tries to read it herself. And because the joy this book brings her, I have nothing but praise for it. I mean it is meant to be a kids book so who am I to judge when it hits the target. Paloma is just a cutie and she is also very much independent as she puts herself right out there. Her coming into her powers, it is wonderful because everyone goes through changes at times. Then the fact they are like yeah ghosts, it amused me greatly and that is probably why my daughter loved it. She loves ghosts and when she hears the word she goes ooooo.