Such a cute ghost story

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Totally Pyschic is a middle grade story about a girl named Paloma who can see ghosts. The story follows Paloma as she moves across the country away from her super famous abuela who is a professional medium. In her new home, Paloma starts a social media account where she does live ghost readings to help people get closure with their loved ones.
I think that this story was absolutely adorable. I loved the ghosts and Paloma’s interaction with them; it definitely made me see ghosts in a new light.I really enjoyed seeing Paloma’s journey of moving across the country and having to adapt to a different place. I will say that at first, her mom and sister were absolutely unbearable, but the further the story went on, the better they got. I thought the writing was really simple and easy to read which is perfect for middle grade. The plot kept me invested and there wasn’t a dull moment in this book