Special Family Powers Complicate Middle Grade Life

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Author Brigid Martin does a great job of combining everyday school friendships and pre-teen angst with a young girl’s special fortune-telling powers. The story telling is as enjoyable as the delightfully colorful cover design.

What a fun main character: Paloma Ferrer, an energetic middle-grade girl who loves life and is totally contemporary with her social media accounts. Her Cuban-American family includes a grandmother with special powers, and now Paloma realizes that the gift has come to her, too. It is an exciting discovery since Paloma has always enjoyed the skills and the famous clients of her abuela (grandmother), especially since the skills seem to have skipped a generation- that is, Paloma’s mother. When the family moves from Miami to Los Angeles, Paloma looks forward to becoming a medium to some of Southern California’s famous residents. Although Paloma tries to be cautious, social media takes over, and Paloma’s first live reading turns her mobile phone into a ping frenzy. The situation becomes tense when Paloma accidentally opens a spirit portal. In the end, the love and support of family as well as trustworthy friends brings the book to a happy and satisfying conclusion.

My rating is in the context of only middle-grade literature. If you like MG literature, then you know .