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Totally Psychic is a fantastic middle-grade novel about a girl named Paloma who has a psychic gift. Her gift is a lot like her grandma who does reading for celebrities. Anyway, her family moves from Miami to Los Angeles and she finds herself like most kids and is sad about leaving all she knew behind. At her new school, she starts to give psychic readings and one goes wrong and she has to fix the mess. I really liked the characters even though we do not really get to know them very well other than Paloma. The younger sister seems to be the one getting the all praise from the parents, and if you have siblings, you know how difficult that can be especially for tweens. I am a huge fan of books about and with magic so this one really hit the mark for me. Being an easy read, this should be a hit with middle-schoolers looking for a fun, magical read that will open up their imagination.