Great insights into middle grade students

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This is a great addition to fiction books for middle grade readers! The mix of interesting characters and ghosts make this an interesting book to read.

I loved how the author had the main character Paloma, deal with so many of the challenges that people in this age group encounter. Paloma has a mother who is trying to protect her from the issues her mother faced when she was younger, but Paloma doesn't see them as obstacles--for her they are a part of her very life and she doesn't want to hide from them, she wants to embrace them and grow from them. Feeling misunderstood by parents is often something that young pre-teens experience.

Paloma also has a younger sister who likes to blame her for the things she does, and at times even problems she creates just to get Paloma in trouble. This is another one of those issues for this age group as sometimes younger siblings act out to get attention.

The other issue Paloma faces is having to move across the country and leave her friends. She feels that it will be difficult to make new friends and she doesn't want to be away from the ones that have been her friends for years.

There is so much in this book that I feel middle grade students will connect with, but this also has an interesting story and an opportunity to show a young person working through challenges.