Cute Coming of Age with Some Fun Ghosts

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I was so excited to see I won this. The book showed up and I didn't even realize I had won this raffle. It was an even better surprise to see that it was a finished copy of the book. I really enjoyed my time reading this book. I like that everyone knew that the family was psychic and could talk to ghosts so they didn't have to hide it. I could see how the mom would want to move out from underneath her mother's shadow and to be her own person.
I really enjoyed Paloma's character. I found her to be a fun and relatable character. She still is close to her friends back in Florida but is making new friends in California. She worries that her new friends only like her for her gift, so I feel like that has a good lesson in it about choosing your friends wisely. I enjoyed her friendships with the different ghosts throughout this book.
I like the little details of every family member having a different specialty that goes along with being able to talk and see ghosts.
I enjoyed 90% of this book. The only part I struggled with was the fight between Paloma and one of her new friends. The fight felt almost forced to me. The resolution was done really well, but I didn't like the premise of the fight to begin with and that is why I knocked a star off from my rating.