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Paloma Ferrer is twelve years old. Her world has been turned upside down with an abrupt move from Miami to Los Angeles for her father’s job. She hates being taken away from her abuela (grandmother) and the rest of her large Cuban family.

Her abuela is a famous psychic, who is more popular than any movie star. She cannot go anywhere where people do not recognize her (think “The Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo). Paloma cannot wait to go to develop her “gift” and go on tour with Abuela.

Life is tough for a new tween in a new school. She easily makes new friends. Since her mother has rejected her psychic gift and insists that Paloma abandon her gifts. Then Paloma has a brilliant idea: To start a podcast to host seances at school.

By accident, she rips a hole in the spiritual portal, leaving her with a supernatural mess to clean up that is often comical.

I loved this book except for one thing. When Paloma used Spanish words, I either had to figure them out in context (not hard to do in this book) or google them. I wish there had been a glossary, but I learned more without it.

Totally Psychic gets 4 out of 5 stars in Julie’s world.