A Cute Ghosty Read

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Paloma comes from a big family of psychics, or they call it The Gift. Hers manifest just like her grandmother's, seeing ghosts and being able to talk to them. Paloma only dream is to become like her grandma, doing readings that helps both ghosts and their love ones. Until her family moves across the country and she is no one there, so she has to make herself grow in her own.

Paloma starts out a bit bratty, I guess because she was raised with fame and attention that came from her grandmother. She does learn from all the mistakes she makes. She is going through a life changing adjustment that deals with family, friendships, and acceptance. It is an amazing book for young readers.

It is a cute halloween book that isn't spooky too. I'm not a fan of scary/horror books so it was a perfect read for a simple ghosty story. I just wished it was a bit longer.