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Together We Rot by Skyla Arndt follows Wil, investing the disappearance and likely death of her mother, leads her to Elwood, the cult leaders son, and someone who’s just found the cults plans are far more nefarious than he originally believed.

The addiction this book was… okay so first and foremost, I would say this is far more horror that dips it’s toes into romance, than a romantic horror. But y’all, the atmosphere that is built up on this book, is CHEFS KISS and very well done.

While Wil is extremely headstrong, El has been brainwashed. His entire life has led to this moment. The cult aspect of this book was truly believable and I loved every second of it.

This was such a quick read that I got through quick. And the cover is INCREDIBLE. This book comes out in August and it needs to be on your tbr.

The world building, the horror, and well down writing style make it a must read for YA horror fans.