It was okay

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The cover is definitely what drew me in when it came to this book. It’s so cool with all of the little intricate details! This was kind of a mixed bag for me though and ultimately I didn’t end up loving it.

The book is told from two point-of-views and they come from Wil Greene and Elwood Clarke. They both learn that they have grievances with the Clarke family, the one that Elwood comes from. I think this is one reason they grow a bond outside of him being her former best friend. I thought that their romance was decent but it wasn’t really a plotline that I focused much on.

A lot of the plot is filled with the mystery of the cult that was formed in this town. It was interesting to see it play out, but it felt a bit slow in the beginning. Even though the book is on the shorter side I didn’t find myself wanting to pick it up often.

Overall, this was okay but just didn’t keep my attention.