Creepy Cult Story

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wil and elwood used to be best friends, up until wil accused elwood’s family of murdering her mother. now, the police are closing wil’s mother’s case, and she decides the best person to help with the investigation is elwood. after realizing he’s not meant to follow in his father’s footsteps as pastor of their cult, but as a sacrifice, elwood realizes that maybe wil’s accusations weren’t as far-fetched as he originally thought.

it’s been days since finishing this book and i’m still thinking of it. while there were some things i predicted, there were other, bigger things i did not, and they still have me shocked.

one thing i wish had been different is the page length. i could’ve read a hundred more pages following these characters and this story. however, this was still great as-is, so this isn’t too big of a deal.

overall, i really enjoyed this book. i would recommend to anyone wanting a short YA horror book and i will definitely read more of the author’s books in the future.