Atmospheric horrormance debut

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We've heard of romcom and romantasy but I think it's high time to give the spotlight to horrormance?!

Together we Rot is an astonishing debut that connects horror and romance in a small town setting where a mysterious forest and a wicked cult veil a decades-old tradition.

TWR follows Wil Greene as she continue her quest of finding what happened with her mother who suddenly went missing after crossing paths with the Clarkes.

Elwood Clarke, who used to be Wil's bestfriend, is now caught in between following the orders of his strictly religious leader of the church Dad and helping his former ride-or-die.

What I liked
First is the writing style, Skyla Arndt's writing is easy to follow which leads to a smooth reading experience. This is done without sacrificing how atmospheric the author told the story. The world of Morguewood is depicted as this mysterious clandestine society where only the powerful few rule.

Another thing is how distinct the main characters of this book, both Wil and Elwood stood out in their way and I like how Skyla was able to let these former bestfriends have their time to feel the feels after disconnecting and being united again.

There is also a small spotlight that gives us a found family development and I just love how Wil and Elwood's friends come together to unravel the mystery of Morguewood.

What didn't work for me
It's a matter of personal preference but I felt like how the things with Elwood was wrapped was a bit quick so I found myself riveted while reading the first 60% and the last 40% there's so many things happening. It was still a decent ending but personally, I wanted it have a lobger conclusion to give Wil and Elwood and the rest of Morguewood to breathe and realize what just happened.

Lastly, the cover is out of this world!! I saw this from Penguin Teen's tiktok page and I'm so happy when I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

RATING: 4.5stars