You're Not Ready For This Alien

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I think I had way to much expectations for this book. The synopsis and cover did so much to peak my interest and I was ready for the full on blown away.

Things just kind of kick right off and I really enjoyed the action that was happening but then I thought, I'm only 50 pages in what the heck is going to happen for the other 800 pages?! And that is where it fell short for me. Christopher Paolini certainly delivers a fast paced, plot heavy narrative from the beginning all the way to the end but I think there's some cost to that. I missed the backstory; things are just happening and you have to roll with it. There are a couple of times Kira thinks back in time but there's no other explanation for it. You're expected to feel a sense of urgency or foreboding but without that backstory I have no context to feel the same thing as my characters. And that's a lot to wrap your head around for a full 800 pages. Outside of that, I still did enjoy Kira as a character and the story needed her spunk and stubbornness!