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Great read!!

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I was a little nervous going into this book because it’s not what I would usually read but I was pleasantly surprised. I absolutely loved it and it will forever be one of my all time favorites!! This book really got me back into reading and helped me get out of a big reading slump I was in for months. I loved how fast pasted and exciting it was there was never a duel moment and it was really enjoyable to read. I just couldn’t put the book down I read it all in about two days it was that good!! I think this is a book anyone can get into and enjoy my friend is currently reading it and she already loves it. If anyone asks me for good books to read this will definitely be one I tell them to go and read. For anyone on the fence about getting it I definitely would say just go for it you will definitely not regret it you will fall in love with every part of this book just like I did!!💕