Epic tale of grit and hope and survival

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Kira discovers an alien object her last day on a planet in far off space and accidentally touches it. She ends up with said alien object bonded to her body and inadvertently starts a war between two different races. It’s up to Kira and the crew of the Wallfish, a ship Kira found herself on, to find a way to stop the war and humankind.
I loved the plot over all. The pacing was the consistent. I didn’t see all of the twists coming, which I enjoyed. The science was cool. Obviously well researched (I even googled B. loomisii because it sounds like something I would have studied in my Bio classes).
This is a big book, over 800 pages. There are a lot of characters populating those pages. Paolini did a good job of making each character stand out on their own and not making them all sound the same. Falconi was my favorite character. He had some real depth to him. I didn’t really think Kira and Alan had any real chemistry. I never got that spark from them.
The world building was fantastic. Paolini imagined what several planets would look like. What different alien species would look like and act like and think like and talk like. It was fascinating and really creative.
This is one book I think every lover of good stories will want to read. Christopher Paolini has written an epic tale of grit and hope and survival.
Overall 5/5