Bit disconnected but interesting premise.

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I would probably give the audiobook 3.5 stars.

This is a very atmospheric novel, taking place in a future possibility of colonization in outer space. The characters are searching a new planet in hopes of it becoming a suitable place for people to move to. In the process the main character comes in contact with an alien species. The connection and bond completely changes her, the way she views life, and every decision that is made afterwards.

While there were elements of the book that I really liked, and I appreciated the narrator, there was just too much for one book. I think this is a book that would have done better as a duology or triology. At almost 900 pages, it could have easily been broken down into three books.

I think the appendixes may have been interesting if I had been reading a print version of the book but they did not translate well with the audio version. It was very dry and boring to listen to timelines and other information.

In all it was an okay book. Not one I would read again. There were definite flaws in execution. But I liked most of the characters and the premise was interesting.