Beautiful Cover, Boring Story

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I was excited to start Paolini’s new book as I wanted to give him a second chance. I had previously DNF’ed his Inheritance Cycle as I didn’t care for his writing. I had heard that his writing has improved since then so I was hopeful for TSIASOS. After reading TSIASOS, I found that to be moderately true. I still found his sentences to be clunky and his paragraphs cluttered. I am hoping that there is an editing spree before the finished copy is released. As with The Inheritance Cycle, this world is interesting and wild. He takes familiar elements (spaceships, biology) and combines it with wild fantasy (alien biotech) to craft a thrilling world. However, his writing hindered me from being fully absorbed within it. I didn’t feel like I was there, I just felt like I was reading.

Then there is the whole first part. This was the hardest part to get through. It is kind of funny as it is arguably the most important part of the book. There we meet Kira and she discovers Soft Blade, a mysterious piece of alien tech or so she thinks. The events here full the rest of the plot. I didn’t really care about it. It was the clunkiest of Paolini’s writing which improves as the book goes on.

I enjoyed that Paolini created a world that went beyond Kira’s experiences. There are various religions and cultures. This element was also seen in The Inheritance Cycle and a strong point of Paolini's world crafting.

All in all, it took me many times of picking it up and putting it back down to finally be done with it. I have finally decided that Paolini is not for me no matter how intriguing his works my seem. But it is not so bad; there are other stars in the sea.