An immersive, colorful world in the stars

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This book contains one of the most immersive and creative worlds I have ever read about. Even though some scenes were a bit difficult to picture in my head, for the most part the book was very well detailed and explained. The world building and the expansiveness of this book was amazing. It couldn't have been any better.

Even though this book is mainly plot-driven, I did really enjoy the interactions of the characters and the relationships between the characters. I do think that there could have been more character development, but with what we had, I did really enjoy seeing the characters’ interactions with each other. It was very natural and fun to read . There was a pretty well detailed personality for each character and throughout the story we were able to get a sense of who they were.

The progression of the book felt very natural, not too slow and not rushed. Even though this book is huge, almost 900 pages, it didn't feel like the story was being dragged or stretched by any means. In fact, it didn't even feel like it was that large of a book. It felt like it just flew by and I had so much fun reading it.

The ending was bittersweet for me. I loved some aspects yet also felt like there could have been some more explanation on some parts of the story. There were some loose ends that I felt weren't explored enough. Overall, I felt satisfied with how things played out.

I also want to express my amazement for the extra detail the author put into the end of the book. The actual story is only 820 pages long, but there are some extra articles added at the end to better explain the world. We were given a little snippet of a lecture that would have been given to the members of the military organization in this book. Also, for people who really enjoy scientific explanation behind some aspects of this book, there is a (imaginary)report that explains how these things, like FTL, are possible. It was cool to see articles that people in this world would have read. I also appreciated the author adding an appendix for terminology at the end. With all the different terms used in this book, it was nice to be able to go somewhere to get an explanation of what each word meant.

You can tell all the detail and the work that was put into this book, and it paid off greatly. Anyone who enjoys getting sucked into an immersive world will enjoy this ride of a book.