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I absolutely adored this book. I am a huge fan of Christopher Paolini and this book didn’t let me down. This book is about a young woman who is a researcher on a space mission. On one mission, she stumbles upon an odd assortment of rocks. She goes to check it out and falls into a room that looks like it was made purposefully by an intelligent life form. Then an odd dust begins to cover her and her whole world goes dark. She wakes up after much time has passed. Later, the dust re-emerges and tragedy strikes. When she wakes again, her whole crew is dead and she is covered in a layer of dust. She then is experimented on for a long time and has to learn how to live with and control the suit. She fights many battles and goes on many adventures throughout the book. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but it is very long, and at some points I felt it was a bit slow.