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This took me a bit by surprise because I've read and liked Christopher Paolini ever since Eragon so I was a bit thrown when I read this partial arc and it was sci-fi. I'm so used to him writing fantasy, it was different finding this story as sci-fi, but this story took off - it's very intense and stressful to read. I had a hard time stopping reading this until I was done and I was freaking out in parts because it's so tense and it was like reading a sci-fi suspense/thriller story.
This story is about Kira, who's a microbiologist that goes around studying and exploring things with her team and what happens when she goes to explore a particular find on the planet they start on and then things go crazy and stressful from there. I don't dare say much about it because you need to read it to find out what happens.
It's a very fast-paced, intense, and stressful read not long after it starts and it just keeps going and leaving you with questions, all the unanswered questions and concerns trying to figure it all out, wondering what's going to happen next.
If you like Christopher Paolini, Sci-fi thrillers/suspense, and the like, you'll want to check this one out. A little note here though for those who like to have clean reads, there is some profanity in this story.