Loved it!

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I read the "first look", 47 pages. What to say. I knew two sentences in that I was going to love the book.
The writing style is enthralling. So beautifully descriptive. I dont even know who Oliver was, but i felt sadness and malincony when the protagonist remembered him.
The tone was so nostalgic. The beautiful memories, the fire, the sadness from knowing the past could never be repeated.
I didnt know that Tiffany had such a beautiful mansion. Reminded me of the Great Gatsby.
The first 47 pages left me wanting to read more. I love history and the mention of Vanderbilt, Coco Chanel, Fitzgerald, drew me in even more.
How the characters are described, the buildings, the scenes, it all makes it for a magical story.
The introduction also had a vibe of paranormal, mystery. Was Oliver ghost whispering Jenni's name? Was Oliver the dead artists? I need to know.