Loved Everything About it

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I write this while a little over halfway finished; I have not been this attached to a character in a long time. Jenny has been through so much and I’m hoping she finds the peace and happiness she deserves. I related to Jenny in a way that I have never related to a character before.

I loved everything about this book; the character development, the storyline, the historical fiction mixed with imaginative fiction and the art!

I highly recommend this story to fans of Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig.

Mr. Tiffany to Jenny…“Open the door, and get out of that mausoleum,” he said. “There are other kinds of light. Don’t be afraid of them.”

“Why are you being so kind to me?”
He was silent for a moment, then answered even more kindly, “Because I know that others haven’t been.”

“We’re all broken in one way or another, but it’s through the cracks in our souls that the light comes through.”