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I love a historical fiction book, but I love one even more when there is some truth that backs up the fiction. Louis Comfort Tiffany known for his jewelry company built a beautiful home on Long Island and the truth is that it burned down mysteriously. MJ Rose took this small interesting fact and created a whole story with fantastic characters and kept the biggest part of the truth within a fantastic fiction story.

Jenny Bell was the best character to follow into this crazy art world in the 1920s. To see her enter the world from the outside and then really go deep when she enters into Tiffany's home was so fun to watch. She was the best set of eyes to view this world through with innocence and intrigue.

I loved the small hints of a mystery/thriller throughout the book. These bits really helped with the pacing and the want for me to keep reading and reading! I read this in two sittings and wanted a sequel to curl up with after I finished!

I would say this is my favorite type of book when it is historical fiction and there is a small bit of truth at the center of the whole thing. It makes me do research and learn while also enjoying a riveting story from beginning to end.