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I won a free copy of this book from BookishFirst after reading a First Read and finding it intriguing.

After doing extensive research the author has woven the history of the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation at Laurelton Hall on Long Island into an interesting an exciting piece of fiction by the insertion of a twenty four year old fictional artist, Jenny Bell, attending on of the summer sessions. The history itself is fascinating, but the addition of Jenny's character, artfully developed, struggling to overcome a childhood trauma brings the history to life. Jenny doesn't trust men and is not looking for romance or anything that will distract her from her dream to study in Paris. Nevertheless she finds it at Laurelton. The author writes lush descriptions of the scenery and adeptly develops the characters of artists, Jenny's family and the Tiffany family members. Jenny's struggle to capture "the allure and mystique of light", will leave the reader with a sense of noticing light reflected on everything in sight. More than a romance, there is a mystery to be solved.