A Gem Of A Story!

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Wonderful book! Much better than I had anticipated! The author has a very creative ability to bring out the colors and emotions with the descriptions she uses, and you feel yourself transported back to the place and time of the story. You can imagine - envision - the works of Tiffany as mentioned, as if you are there, looking at them with your own eyes. While this is a work of historical fiction, the places and some people are based on reality. The tale, complete with its twists and turns, is believable. At one point, I had an inkling of "who" however could not figure out the "why" .... so finding out the catalyst for why they did what they did - surprising, to say the least. All in all, an enjoyable and engaging piece of psychological thriller with a touch of romance placed within a stunning, historical setting. I would definitely encourage anyone who enjoys those genres to give this book a try - you won't be disappointed!