Thrilling story!

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This book is so good that I’m not even mad that it ends on a crazy cliffhanger! Io is living in the poorest part of a dystopian type world known as the Silts. Io and her sisters have a power that connects them to life threads of the people in the world. This creates a quilt that can be accessed in different ways. It happens to be a cutter of threads and has created a detective business that uses her skills to help others. When she witnesses a crime involving an altered life thread, Io is hired to investigate. Her partner happens to be a man at the other end of her rare fate thread. What I love the most is the relationship between Io and Edei and how they influence positive change in each other. They both strive to be honest and loyal to each other and have great chemistry. The writing is amazing and has great jokes and banter between the characters. They all have such different but fun personalities (love Nico!). I also like how the theme of not everything being black and white, but shades of grey. Also, the thought of fate and destiny and how that affects life choices. I could have used a map at the beginning of the book, but the cover is beautiful and eye catching. A great read that I definitely recommend! I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.