loved it!

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4.5, I was obsessed with this and I cannot wait to read the sequel

Threads connect us to people and places we love, and we even have a life thread keeping our souls tethered. Io is special, because she can see these threads... and cut them. She uses her powers to investigate stuff like affairs, hunt down loved ones who may be suffering from addiction, etc., and sometimes, just sometimes, she cuts the threads tying people to their bad habits...

She is in the middle of her work when she sees an attack, and the attacker is not human. It's a former person whose life thread has been cut. Io dubs them 'wraiths' and sets out to figure out who is making them (read: unmaking the humans by cutting their life thread) and why tf they're doing it.

She ends up working with a boy.... a boy who she just so happens to share a Fate thread with. Fate threads are basically someone you're tied to in some way, even if you've never met, and she's been SURE to never meet him. She's actually avoided him for years. But nope, now she's met him and has to work alongside him to solve the mystery of who these wraiths are, what they want, and how tf to stop them.

The mystery was thrilling, like the stuff they do to try to investigate is so exciting and often dangerous. There's also a trauma storyline - Io's super close to her two sisters, or was, until her oldest sister left them two years ago. But her oldest sister was also her biggest, well, for lack of other words, hater. She called her an idiot, undermined her and manipulated her at every turn, and basically just wormed her way into Io's brain and became Io's inner saboteur. So Io really has to deconstruct that thought pattern, with the help of her manzzz ;)

Loved the slow-burn romance, loved the serious side of the storyline, loved the action, fairly shocking plot twist, all in all I thought this was fantastic. I also loved the writing! I will be reading the sequel super soon because I have an ARC hehehe